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Ground anchors for fixing almost anything to the ground, without concrete

Our range of spiral ground anchors and brackets offers probably the best available system for securing outdoor products directly to the ground, no concrete or  special tools are needed. The anchors are re-usable, very straight forward and quick to install or remove.

With 4 diameters, 4 styles, many length options and a large range of brackets, there is a solution for almost any situation. When the anchors are hammered, they automatically rotate, cutting a highly accurate thread in the ground - hence their high holding power.

Fitting is quick and simple, standard Erdanker type illustrated below.

Hammering an anchor into the ground

Hammer the anchor in, it will automatically rotate, cutting a neat thread in the ground.

Anchor hammered to gound level

Hammer down to ground level then fit the bracket.

Anchor hammered in, bracket fitted - job done!

The structure is secure. The bracket prevents rotation and unwinding.

Removing an anchor, if required

If removal is required, simply unbolt the bracket and unwind the anchor.


For long life, all anchors are hardened, enabling them to cope with conditions that most other anchors cannot handle; grass, hard compacted ground, ground with large stones, tarmac, buried bricks, chalk, clay etc. can generally be penetrated with ease. products are high quality and are made in factories in Germany or the UK.

Products marked In stock icon are dispatched the same day (or the next day if the order is received too late). Ordering is quick and simple, no registration needed, no passwords, no fuss. We take all the normal credit and debit cards.

USA. All North American sales are now handled through our sister company:
Field shelter.. Click here for more info on anchoring a feld shelterSafety anchors for horse shelters

Open fronted shelters are dangerous if not fixed down. Our 50x770LP and 50x870LP Low Head Safety Anchors are specifically designed for animal shelters.

More about anchors for field shelters >
Small shed and a greenhouse. Click image for more info on anchoring greenhousesStandard Erdanker 40mm and 50mm anchors for sheds and greenhouses

Light structures must be fixed down to prevent wind damage. These anchors can be fitted quickly and easily into open ground, without the need for concrete

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Playground. Click image for details of securing play equipmentAnchoring playground equipment

Outdoor play equipment can be secured with Standard Erdanker anchors, type JF anchors, or Low Head Safety anchors, depending on the situation..

 More about playground anchors. > 

2 garden benchesLight anchors for garden and park benches

The 25mm and 30mm anchors are widely used to secure park benches, kennels, street furniture, municipal  equipment, picnic tables and much more.

 More about garden bench anchors> 

Ground anchor securing a honda motorcycle. Click image for more info on motorcycle anchors Ground anchors for securing motocycles, quads, garden machinery etc.

The Sherman anchors are hammered into the ground with a sledge hammer and can only be removed by unwinding them, which is not possible when chained to something.

 More on motorcycle anchors  > 

Horse jump secured with spiral anchors. Click image for more info on horse jumps
Spiral anchors for horse jumps

The 50x460LP Low head Safety anchors are made specifically for cross country horse jumps, and are used on many courses in many countries. In some countries, including the UK, it is mandatory to secure jumps.

 More info on anchoring cross country jumps > 

Tie downs for aircraft. Click image for info on how to secure light aircraft
Tiedowns for gliders and light aircraft

Our heavy duty, double sided lashing ring can be permanent or temporary and will penetrate hard or soft ground. The ring lies flat when not in use, to increase safety.

 More about tiedowns for gliders and light aircraft> 

Typical agricultural show. Click for info on JF anchors suitable for trade shows
Ground anchors for trade and agricultural shows

Our JF range are designed to secure display products, temporary signs etc. The AT range is designed for general security and to chain equipment to the ground.

 Info on tiedowns and anchors for trade shows. >   

Double swing. Click for details on anchoring a swing
Anchors for swings

Anchors and brackets for all types of swing: single, double, metal, wood, permanent or temporary.

 More info on anchoring a garden swing > 

Anchors for chain and ropes
Security anchors for chains.

The ED16mm range has a 16mm hole for padlocks. The AT range have a 100mm diameter ring for chains or ropes. Both can be used for many types of security applications.

  More about our chaining anchors. > 
JF anchor. Click image for more info on JF type anchors
Groundscrew type JF

These anchors have a flange at the top and are used for both temporary and permanent fixing. Should the structure ever start to lift, the anchor cannot unwind as rotation is prevented by the slot in the bracket..

 More about JF type groundscrews > 

Example of Low Profile anchor. Click for more infomation
Low profile safety anchors

Designed specifically for applications where animals could accidentally tread on them. For even greater safety, an optional rubber cover is available.

 Details on the Low Head safety anchors > 

Traditional method of securing objects to the ground

Traditional Method
1/ Wait for favourable weather
2/ Dig the hole
3/ Mix concrete
4/ Pour concrete
5/ Take waste away
6/ Wait for concrete to harden

Removal (if required)
1/ Break up concrete
2/ Take waste away
3/ Fill hole with soil
4/ Sow grass seed

Groundbolt method of easily and quickly securing things to the ground, without concrete

Groundbolt Method
1/ Any weather is ok
2/ Hammer in anchor
3/ Bolt fitting on

Removal (if required)
1/ Remove fitting and unscrew anchor