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Ground anchors for park and garden benches

Securing a park bench using our low cost anchors.

Park benches and other street furniture are generally secured to the ground, both for safety and to avoid theft. The Groundbolt Erdanker® and JF range of ground anchors provide a very cost effective means of achieving this without using concrete.

Securing benches using Erdanker anchors

Typical methods include bringing the bench into place, hammering or pushing anchors in either side, quite close to the bench and in the ground just enough to prevent them falling over, moving the bench away and screwing or hammering the anchors in close to ground level, bringing the bench back and screwing the fittings on. No special tools are needed, the average job takes around 15 mins from start to finish and can be carried out in any weather conditions.

Wooden bebch secured with Erdanker anchor and B type fiitting

Securing benches using JF type anchors

For temporary security, eg at 2 or 3 day trade shows, the Erdanker® JF anchors are ideal. The brackets are permanently fitted to the bench and the anchor hammered through when needed. Removal is by unscrewing the anchor.

Ancoring a bench with type JF anchor

The simplest method is to use a wooden spacer and no bracket, as below.

Anchoring a bench with no bracket

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