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Which ground anchor to use

We supply different ground anchors for different uses

Low head, safety anchors

The 50x460LP was specifically designed for cross country horse jumps, the 50x770LP and 50x 870LP were specifically designed for horse shelters, but they have many applications besides these. They are fitted by first bolting or screwing the bracket to the jump, then the anchor is hammered through the slot in the bracket. The slot prevents the anchor rotating out.

Ring anchor

The primary application for the AT range is security, including trailers, motorcycles, quads. Other uses include mooring spikes for canal boats. A short chain should be used to prevent rotation. The anchor cannot be unscrewed while it is chained to something.

Chaining anchor

Used to secure motorcycles, quads, lawn mowers, ladders and many other outdoor items. The cost is less than the ring type.

Erdanker standard anchor

These are our most popular anchors and have many uses. As with all our anchors, it is important to ensure the anchor cannot rotate when fitted. With these anchors, rotation is prevented by using a rigid bracket to connect to the structure.

JF type anchors

The JF range can be used for permanent or temporary fixing. The bracket is fixed to the structure first, then the anchor is hammered through the slot. They are widely used  at shows and displays.

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Technical stuff

Anchor blade tips
The blade of the Erdanker  anchors is accurately machined in the latest CNC machining centres. The included angle is 140 deg which gives good self centering ability during installation, ie. they don't wander off line when hammered in, but the angle is not so sharp that they are blunted when cutting through an obstruction. The rake angle is 2 deg which gives a chisel point of just 30 deg in the direction of cut, thus considerably reducing the effort required for ground penetration.

Anchor blade
Their  narrow profile cuts an almost 'engineering' quality screwthread in the ground with negligible disturbance to the ground adjacent to the anchor, thus the fibrous consistency of the surrounding soil is preserved and it is this aspect that gives the anchors such great holding power.

Anchor tops

Why Groundbolt?

1/ The anchors require only the minimum effort to install and cope well with hard or difficult conditions.

2/  They provide phenomenal holding power, once rotation is prevented.

3/ They are fully re-usable and are simple to remove if required.

4/ Anchors and brackets are readily available and reasonably priced.

 Anchor types

 Erdanker® Standard
 Anchors and Fittings