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Groundbolt Earth Anchor Fittings - Large

Below are the fittings recommended for use with the 50mm standard ground anchors. They are not suitable for the JF range of anchors.

Erdanker A506 fitting

A506 Erdanker® Fitting

Approximate size: 80mm x 80mm
Material: Steel 50mm wide, 6mm thick.
Holes: 10.5mm


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B503 Erdanker bracket

B503 Erdanker® Fitting

Approximate size: 90mm x 90mm        
Material: Steel 50mm x 3mm


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D505 Erdanker bracket

D505 Erdanker® Fitting

Approximate size: 75mm x 85mm
Material: Steel 50mm x 5mm
Colour can vary (black or grey)


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Tube clamp fitting
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E28 - E51 Erdanker tube clamp fitting

Suitable for 50mm standard anchors (not JF types) Approximate size: 136mm x 40mm
Material: Steel 
Includes bracket and clamp.

£4.77 (all sizes)
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Click to add an E43 ground anchor fitting E42 suitable for tube 39mm - 42mm

Click to add an E48 ground anchor fitting E48 suitable for tube 44mm - 48mm

Click to add an E51 ground anchor fitting E51 suitable for tube 49mm - 51mm

Erdanker G405 fitting

G405 Erdanker® Fitting

Approximate size: 100mm x 50mm.
Eye Diameter: 30mm
Material: Steel 5mm thick.


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Erdanker H405 fitting

H405 Erdanker® Fitting

Approximate size: 65mm x 70mm
Webbing slot: 51mm x 12mm
Material: Steel 5mm thick


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M10 bolt

M10x25 Set screw

Suitable for 40mm and 50mm anchors
Material: Steel, zinc plated
Includes nut and washers


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