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Installing a ground anchor for a garden swing

Anchoring a metal garden swing with 40x680ED anchors and D403 (or E style) brackets

Installing a swing anchor, stage 1 - hammer the anchor in
1/ Hammer the anchor in
Installing a swing anchor, stage 2
2/ Hammer in, until the anchor is almost at ground level and at 90 deg to the  swing leg
Installing a swing anchor, final stage - fit the bracket
3/ Fit the bracket
Anchoring a s wing using an anchor and timber spacer
A small wooden spacer can also be used
Installing a swing anchor with tube clamps
To avoid drilling metal tubes,an E style clamp bracket can be used.
1/ Hammer the anchor in.
Anchoring a swing with a tube anchor
2/ Fit the correct size clamp and bracket

2 place swing anchored with 40x680ED anchors and B403 brackets

2 place wooden swing
2 place wooden swing, hammering the anchors in

2 place wooden swing with B403 bracket
3/ Fit the bracket
2 place swing with anchor and spacer
4/ A spacer can be used in place of a bracket